Rental mini refrigerators, chest freezers (chambers), the cabinet rental, rental of bar fridges

Refrigeration equipment may be required in any event. Birthday, picnic, wedding or exhibition not do without refrigerators. Our company will provide you a lease or rental of refrigerators for bars, chests freezers, mini refrigerators. Rental freezer chests and refrigeration will allow you to carry out any action in the most comfortable conditions for the guests. They were wonderful service even in hot weather, will be provided. Particularly relevant for rent such equipment at a field of holidays in nature, in the countryside.

The company can offer various rental and lease of refrigeration equipment. Customers can get a mini refrigerators with transparent glass doors and freezers of different sizes and capacities. company also has refrigeration equipment for bars. We have the lowest refrigerators for storing ice cream or ice. They have a blank horizontal or glass cover. It is also possible to rent a special refrigerator to store drinks. The refrigerator has a backlight.

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