Rental mobile podium, modular stage, rental of stage designs, cars podium

We offer rental of podiums, platforms, mobile stages for exhibitions, festivals, concerts, shows or other events. A wide range of high quality podium structures, intended for use as an open-air and indoor. Easily installed and disassembled due to a universal design model system to easily acquire a desired size and shape.
Module size – 1×1 or 1×2, depending on the choice of the podium, the top cover is made of polycarbonate fibers capable of withstanding weight loads – more than 750 kg per sq. meter, or glass – more than 250 kg. For special occasions there are available sverhstoykoe coating that can bear the load of more than 2.5 tonnes per square meter. meter. Mounted on a heavy-duty construction of the podium, bond modular elements made using cable ties.
Available there is a huge selection of podium constructions, different design, form and function. Depending on the choice depends on the price. For rent is a discount for more than one day.
Also mounted platforms, you can order our stage equipment, steps, equipment under the car race, stands for light and sound equipment, the backdrop for the podium or stage.

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