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No one contemporary press conference or seminar cannot be imagined without the plasma panel. Advantages of this type of screens are clear and well known for everybody. The main of them are: long life (about 17 years), no flicker, large diagonal (up to 65 “), luxurious and ultra-modern design. Also, plasma screens are not a dust collector. It will not create the magnetic fields, which are harmful to your health and have computer inputs 16:9 format.

Are you familiar with the situation – there is a need in plasma, but there is no possibility or need to buy it? At such moments, plasma display rentals will obviously help you. It will save your money, but at the same time, will make your event colorful unique. If you do not know where to find plasma TVs rental, the company “Rent-service” will save you promptly and professionally.

However, plasma screen rental is only half the matter. For the success of your presentation you will need to rent a rack for plasma TV. It is only with this kit is available, you can start preparing for the future event. And remember, that plasma rental allows you not to spend the extra money and your nerves on the eve of an important event.

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