Rent conditioner, mobile portable air conditioners, HVAC equipment rental.

Air podklyuchenieMobilny air conditioning – a device for ventilation of premises. They are divided into 2 types: one-piece type and split-system. In contrast to the candy bar-type air conditioners split system two blocks work and each of them has their device for air intake and output. The unit also includes a compressor, evaporator, condenser.

The main advantages of the monoblock: no need montazhnyhi work, reduced energy consumption, easy transportation. To start a mobile air conditioner in the operation requires only be installed in the desired location and pave the compressor bellows for pumping air. It is because of the above advantages it prefer to use meropiyatiyah on-site exhibitions, galleries, workshops.
The published rates for rental mobile portable air conditioners do not include VAT, delivery costs, the cost of labor. specialist. All these details are resolved in a separate discussion. All types of equipment receive rent subject to mandatory full payment. If you plan to rent a parallel several items of equipment, so that the client makes good discounts.

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