Rental Rental of chairs, tables for rent.

Anniversaries and parties, seminars and banquets – it’s arrangements, with the participation of a large number of invitees. The organization of such events requires the provision of a certain amount of furniture. Optimally, the best solution to this problem would be the full or partial rental of furniture from our company: a folding table for receptions, reduce your time for a long installation; table for the banquet is aesthetic in its European style and practical; table for the cocktail area, ensure the smooth and rapid flow of different snacks and drinks; chairs; sofas.

One of the important points in the organization of all activities is the lighting design. Furniture with light – it is a novelty that will add flavor and make your event unique. Rent a table with lighting, rent chairs illuminated or rent chairs with lighting will combine or divide the different zones in different colors.
Rent cube lamp – a versatile, original and eye-catching solution interior decoration. The backlight such furniture is carried out by AC or battery power is controlled via radio. Use the glowing furniture can be on the street and indoors.

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