Rent decorative fencing pillars with red velvet ropes and red carpet.

You are preparing to hold a status event? We can provide you with everything you need, in order to emphasize the exclusivity of the event. Lovely bar, elegant design will decorate the borders festive red carpet stretched from the entrance. Log in on the red carpet will be involuntarily associate the event visitors with solemnity and iconic events. At incoming involuntarily an association with the Film Festival and the inaugural events. The visitor, involuntarily tunes in the festive wave and feels like one of the favorites.
persistent barriers are not only able to act as a stroke, emphasizing track. They are successfully used for division into indoor areas. Moreover, as events in the art world, and at trade shows. You can also use their mobile functions, if on different days of the event it is necessary to divide the different area of the room. We will offer you carpets of any size, and bars fencing event style pick our experts. If necessary, the grand opening, you will be offered and holidays scissors with red pad.

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