Rental of exhibition equipment, exhibition stand

The organization of exhibitions and presentations often required exhibition stands. However, their purchase is not always possible. Therefore, this equipment can be rented.

Of course, the booth is the “face” of any company. He has the parameters and conditions correspond to the value represented by the product and the company. With regard to technical performance, it should be noted that a stand must comply with competitive standards and to be perfect. The first task is the presentation of exhibits focused on the consumer. The stand should be pleasant hearing and vision. It is known that the holding of exhibitions and advertising campaigns is an effective method of communicating information to the target consumer. And an important part of such an event is the quality of the exposed equipment.

The structure of the exhibition stand rental includes the following types of equipment: truss structure, plasma display panels, exhibition stands, advertising stands, information stands, exhibition design, banner design, Brochure, furniture, stage, lighting, sound, promotional table. Thus, the paper holders are affordable and simple design, the main purpose of which acts as the distribution of brochures, booklets and other sheet products. Promotional counters and tables have a wide range of use and easy to install, easy to operate. The use of any exhibition equipment greatly increases the effectiveness of promotional activities, allowing the organization to the greatest access to information area.

When planning the installation of advertising equipment, it is necessary to know the number of visitors, the technical infrastructure, accommodation and others. In other words, the visitor must immediately see the functional parts, where there are interesting for his information, some exhibits. In the process of thinking through the presentation part, you need to know what the customer will see there – the demo video, to get acquainted with the managers of the company.

The architectural concept involves concentrating on “negotiation” and “presentation” of the exhibition equipment. It must be designed in such a way that the client saw the functional parts of a curious information.

In order to comply with the exhibition stands of the event and harmoniously fit into the context of the exhibition, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

  • what is the format of the advertising campaign conducted by the company;
  • whichever is the exposition;
  • what goals are pursued action;
  • often there will change the location of the exhibition.

Can be determined on the basis of the responses so what type of exhibition equipment would be more appropriate.

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