Dressing equipment rental, rent a mobile wardrobe, exit wardrobe

Often for festive events: banquets, weddings, birthdays, discos, you must exit the ceremony room, where they could accommodate a large number of people. Not always in this room there is a wardrobe with accessories.
Wardrobe in most cases is relevant, when the street is cool weather and every guest or visitor quite a lot of different clothes, hats, coats, scarves. The assistance will need rent outbound wardrobe and accessories.
Our company offers a special novelty for those who organizes public events, equipment rental locker and its accessories. All kinds of floor hangers, clothes hangers, each visitor number plates, hangers, lots of mirrors, ashtrays, bins for smokers and even individual safes for the securities and gold jewelry, all this will create the conditions that your holiday will be unforgettable.
When renting a large amount of equipment is a flexible system of discounts. The cost of renting a wardrobe and accessories with each client is discussed individually. Possible long-term lease. Regular customers additional holiday discounts. Dressing equipment issued to rent with full prepayment.

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