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Press wall, brand wall  – is one of a variety of banner designs, representing the stands are used to create the effect of a screen or a wall also as a backdrop scene, podium, banner stand, background stand, photo wall , tantamareski booth to take pictures or just branding. Such designs are very easy to carry out various kinds of presentations, exhibitions, birthday, and other events. Designs for banners can be both standard sizes and are made under the order of any shape and size. The main convenience of banner designs press wall or wall brand is mobility rather small dimensions, allowing you to place them in any desired location for the client, be it an office, a floor, a stage, or presentation hall.
it is not necessary to buy similar design, they can be rented at the desired time. At the request of the tenant, our company will pick up your desired size and profile you require facilities. Our specialists independently arrive at your request on the site presentation and give a professional assessment of any installation design, its size and placement.
In addition to designs for the type of press wall banners, brand wall, stand wall, back wall, our company also offers a variety of other cell structures to respond to any client requests: mobile stands, exhibition stands, and presentation design L-banner, X-banner, Joker banner.

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