Rental information desks, racks index rental, grandstand rental, flipchart rent, hire Brochure, lotto, pillar.

Each event, whether it’s an exhibition, symposium, concert depends on the preparation for it, from its organization. As you equip your room, which technical equipment will be used – all affect the number of visitors, which will look at your work, the number of speakers and presenters, which is also much more pleasant to work in a comfortable environment. We offer you only the best solution: you do not spend the extra money, and therefore save your budget. The most important thing is that you get the sea of positive mood, making out a deal with us.
What we can give you?
We can deliver you to rent: presentation equipment, as a platform for the stickers, and a platform for presentations, flipcharts and easels, information counters and information indexes, drawing machine and rack for printing, presentation boards pointers to them, paper holders, and more.
Why we are better relative to its competitors?
We will hand over your rental on your terms, whether monthly or daily. We do not charge huge prices, we act within reason. After the conclusion of the contract we will instantly give out your desired equipment. We can give a discount depending on the conditions and contract.

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