• Payment for the rental service is carried out both in cash and by bank transfer;
  • Payment for the rental service takes place at the time of receipt of the equipment;
  • Advance payment by bank transfer is carried out in accordance with the lease agreement and formed individually for each client, depending on the term of the lease.


  • The amount of cash collateral depends on the cost of the equipment and is determined by the lease agreement;
  • With mutual consent bond can be replaced by a letter of guarantee;
  • After the end of the lease, all equipment is appropriate testing for the condition and the correct technical operation.
  • If any damage or those. fault, for 2-3 days, you will be given a score / report for repair service to remove faults. During this period, the amount of the collateral is in our company;
  • It is strictly prohibited to self-removal of faults, if these violations are identified, our employees have the right to claim 100% compensation of the cost of the equipment;
  • The deposit is returned at the end of the lease, return the equipment and test it.

Minimum rental period equipment

  • Minimum rental period of the equipment 1 day (24 hours).


  • Delivery of the equipment is determined by the terms of the contract;
  • Independent removal of equipment from the warehouse of the company;
  • Representatives of our company can deliver the equipment in accordance with the delivery rates;
  • The shipping costs include: loading, delivery, unloading, assembly, installation, dismantling, loading, reverse delivery, unloading;
  • The maximum distance from the car to the final place of unloading shall not exceed 30 meters in the opposite case it is necessary to specify in advance an extra charge;
  • In broad terms we rent ourselves a part of the delivery cost up to its full payment.


  • Price for the equipment does not include the cost of consumables used.

Equipment operator

  • Equipment is available for rent as an operator with or without what is respectively a note in the lease agreement. Cost is determined by the operator according to the tariff
  • Some items are available for rent exclusively to the accompaniment of our company, which is responsible for the rented equipment.