Delivery of the equipment’s own delivery service

Unlike many companies that specialize in providing services of rent equipment, we use our own transport to deliver our equipment at the customer site. Depending on the task and the volume of the order it can be used by a passenger, light-truck and heavy-duty trucks. Delivery of the equipment takes place in advance, so that technicians could install the equipment without haste and in time. As a rule we bring the equipment no later than 4 hours prior to the event, because technicians need time for its unloading, assembly and installation, as well as settings. An important point in the issue of delivery of equipment is paid parking in the line of Kiev. This question is entirely borne by the customer. If you order the rental equipment to the site in a paid parking zone, please solve parking issues for our transport. Ways to address this issue may be parking payment, or the provision of parking space at the customer premises.

Our company provides the services of a qualified technical staff for events

No matter what event you are going to spend, if you have ordered equipment for rent, it means that you need to properly install, configure and monitor its correct operation. It is for this purpose with any set of equipment available techniques and the loader. It is understood that on the qualifications of technical personnel dependent on how well and fully ordered equipment will be used by you. Proper installation and adjustment competent sound and light equipment is especially necessary when the event used a large amount of equipment.

Technical staff at the event. How many people do you need?

This question is entirely dependent on the scale of the event and the amount of equipment for rent, which you ordered. On a small event like a wedding or a modest friendly parties enough two people, who will perform the duties of the driver, loader and technology rolled into one. However, on the larger celebrations such as corporate or show the presence of several people is necessary. We provide equipment for rent weighs quite a lot, so for serious measures need more staff. This is especially true in cases where a customer orders a rental of light and stage constructions, because of their efforts to a few people require proper installation.